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How it works on board

Here you will find useful information about how it works on board Mälartåg's modern double deckers and our other trains.  

Here you can se an overview of our double decker.


You need to book a ticket before boarding Mälartåg, as it is not possible to purchase train tickets on board our trains.

Flexible coach 

A train set consists of four double-deck carriages, one of which is what we call a Flex coach. On the outside of the train at the doors, the blue color has been pulled down slightly and there are decals that clearly tell what functions are inside the carriage. There are two wheelchair spaces, space to place prams, larger luggage and bicycles. You will also find a large toilet with changing table and a smaller toilet and the train attendants' service compartment.

Comfort and unbooked places 

As all 333 seats have the same high standard and comfort, there is a unit class on board the train. It is not possible to book seats, except for the wheelchair space. Read more on the page Book wheelchair space and escort.

Bild på säten på övervåningen i tåget


Mälartåg are adapted to accessibility in that more than 10% of the seats offer a slightly larger space to move around. These seats are evenly distributed between the carriages and are located on both the lower and middle floors. You will find these with the help of a sticker on the wall which clearly shows where these places are. You who are in need of a priority seat always have priority to these seats. All entrance doors have entry level with the platform and the trains meet the latest requirements for accessibility.


If you have a physical impairment and need help to and from the train, or when changing trains, you can order an escort. Find more information about escort and how to book it on the page here.

Quiet department 

On the upper level in carriage 12, we have a quiet department where you who want to rest or need peace of mind can sit. Here, the mobile phone must be on silent mode and any calls must be kept quiet. Children are welcome under the same conditions as adults.

Allergy-friendly department 

If you are allergic, there are two specially designed compartments at each end of the train, closest to the cab. You are not allowed to eat nuts or citrus fruits here. You should also not sit here if you wear strong perfume. Pets are not allowed here.  The space should be seen as an allergy-friendly department which is cleaned according to the same routines as for the train in general.


Cabin-sized bags are placed under or between the seats. Smaller bags on the hat shelf. On the luggage racks in the carriage ends on the upper and lower floors, there is room for larger luggage. If you have even larger luggage, place it in the Flexvagnen (Flex coach).

The basic rule is that each person may bring a maximum of two bags (maximum size 80x50x35 cm, maximum weight 20 kg) and a small hand luggage. In addition to this, you can bring special luggage, such as a folding pram or a ski bag.

The trains have limited luggage space and our on-board staff can, from working environment reasons, unfortunately not help you lift the luggage when getting on/off. It is therefore important that you do not carry more or heavier luggage with you than you can easily carry yourself.

Bild på person som stuvar om i en väska.


Prams are to be placed in the Flex coach. If this space is already full, you can place the pram if there is room in the vestibule in the same coach. In other carriages, there is room for a folded pram under the luggage racks on the lower floors. At the request of on board personel the pram should be folded and stored at designated location.

Man med barnvagn på väg ombord på tåget


In our new double deckers, there is room for up to six bicycles in each train set. You fasten your bike with a holder in the designated place in the flexible coach. Should it be crowded on board the train, you will have to wait until the next departure if the bike is to come with you. Read more on the page Bikes on board

Pet and guide dog

Pets are welcome on board. On the outside of the last and first carriage in each train set, it is marked where it is allowed to enter with animals. Guide and assistance dogs do not count as pets and may sit in any place except the allergy-friendly department. Dogs should be placed on the floor.

WiFi on board 

What would a modern train be without internet on board? Travel connected by selecting Mälartåg WiFi on your device. Accept the terms and click ”connect”, then you are online.

Customer magazine  

Our customer magazine is on board on all our trains. There we write about current events and exciting things in Stockholm and Mälardalen. 

Travelling with children

When traveling with Mälartåg, you are always allowed to bring up to two children aged 6 or under per paying passenger.

The conditions for accompanying children apply to Adult and Youth/Student tickets, as well as the Movingo period ticket, regardless of where you purchased your ticket.

Additional accompanying children beyond two per paying passenger travel at a discounted price (youth/student).

Children up to the age of 6 are not allowed to travel alone on our trains. Legal guardians of older children can judge for themselves whether the child is able to travel on their own. Children traveling without the company of an adult must be able to take responsibility for themselves during the journey, even in the event of a traffic disruption.

Bild på familj på Stockholms centralstation.

Our Regina trains

Nine regional trains of model Regina are part of Mälartåg's train fleet and run on the lines Linköping – Katrineholm – Eskilstuna – Västerås – Sala – Uppsala.