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Lost and found

If you have lost something during you’re your trip, we want to try to help you find it.

Did you forget something on Mälartåg?

If you have forgotten or lost something on board our trains, please contact Mälartåg Lost and found. On the website you will find more information on how you can get help finding your item and a search function where all collected items can be found. You can also call Lost and found on 08 - 25 88 72.

To Mälartåg Lost and found

Is it something of value? 

Found passports, driving licenses and national ID documents are always handed over to the police.

Found something that someone else has forgotten?

A forgotten item can be handed to the train staff on board, who will make sure that it arrives at the lost and found department.

Forgot something at the station?

Jernhusen, which owns several of the stations around Mälardalen, usually returns lost items to the police authority.