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Combined Trip

In some cases, you may need to supplement your Movingo or Mälartåg ticket. Here on mälartå and in the Mälartåg app, only Mälartåg single tickets are currently sold. For purchases of tickets owned by Mälardalstrafik, we refer you to their respective sales channels.

Terms to Know for Journeys with Transfers

Connected Ticket

When purchasing a journey with one or more transfers under the same booking, you will receive a connected ticket. This means that as the train operator, we have an extended responsibility to ensure that you reach your final destination regardless of the length of the individual segments and no matter which operator responsible for each segment.

Direct Ticket

A connected ticket that is valid for multiple consecutive train journeys, each with a distance longer than 150 kilometers, is considered a Direct Ticket. For Direct Tickets, there are enhanced rights for rebooking, compensation in case of delays, and handling of missed connections.


During a combined journey involving multiple transportation companies besides Mälartåg, the terms and conditions of Resplus apply, including an extended guarantee of reaching the destination. The entire journey is purchased from a Resplus reseller, such as Norrtåg, Resrobot, SJ, Snälltåget, Vy, or Öresundståg. Learn more about Resplus.

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