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Traveling with bike on Mälartåg

You can bring your bike on board Mälartåg. You will not be charged any extra, and the place can not be reserved.

Our double deckers

In our new double deckers, there is room for up to six bicycles in each train set. You fasten your bike with a holder in the designated place in the flexible coach. In case it is crowded on board the train, you will have to wait for the next departure if the bike is to be brought. It is always the train conductor who decides if there is room for the bike, and the assessment is made based on space and safety concerns. This means that there is never a guaranteed place for your bike.

Bild på cykel i kupe med kvinna i förgrunden.

Foto: Niklas Björling

You are solely responsible for getting your bike on and off the train. Keep an eye on the bike throughout the trip so that it is not damaged or soils anyone or anything. Pay special attention when getting on and off as it can be crowded. It is you as a customer who will be liable for any contamination of a fellow traveler or damage which may occur.

Bicycle cart/trolley, tandem or goods bicycle are not allowed on board the train. 

Electric scooter or smaller travel bike should be folded and kept in the luggage rack or on the floor at your seat. Electric scooter or smaller travel bike must not be placed on the hat shelf above your place.

Subject to availability, one tricycle in the form of assistive devices may be taken per passenger at no extra cost. In the event that the tricycle exceeds stated dimensions, the passenger may, for safety reasons, be denied boarding.

Maximum dimensions for a tricycle:

    • Length 180 cm
    • Width 80 cm

Our smaller regional trains

Most of our Regina trains are equipped so that 1-2 bicycles can be fastened in the same way as in our new double-deckers. If the train does not have equipment for fastening bicycles, it is not permitted to bring bicycles on these trains for safety reasons.

Exception Arlanda C

Due to space and safety reasons, it is not permitted to get off or on board a bicycle at Arlanda C.

Due to the limited space and the flow of passengers which may arise as well as the need to pass the barriers with a valid ticket, bicycles at the station are considered a safety risk

How to take the bike through Stockholm C, Västerås C and Södertälje Syd

Stockholm Central

At Stockholm Central, it is not allowed to carry your bicycle through the station building. You can solve this easily by using the following indicated paths:

For arrivals and departures on tracks 1 - 10, take the path to and from the platforms via the exit at Arlanda Express entrance at Östra Järnvägsgatan/Vasaplan. All tracks can be reached without passing through the station building and here there are no level differences.

For arrivals and departures on tracks 11-19, take the lift via the Klaraberg viaduct Nils Ericson's floor and continue via the corridor that runs under the tracks between11-19. Here there are level differences where stairs and lifts are available. Follow the signs for track 19.

The bike must be led no matter where you are at the station. Feel free to take the elevator or stairs, but not the escalators.

Kvinna på väg med cykel till spåret vid Stockholm centralstation

Västerås central station

You can lead your bike to the platforms via the lift and a connecting passage which leads through the station.

Södertälje Syd (Södertälje Syd railway station)

There is an elevator which takes you down to the street level.

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