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Accessibility-adapted app for traffic information

With the Swedish Transport Administration's web-based app "My trains", you get information about your train journey directly to your mobile. The way the information is displayed is adapted to travelers with different types of physical impairments, but it can of course be used by everyone.

The basics of the app ”My trains” are simple – you search for and save the train you are going to travel with. If your trip has train changes, you need to save each route/train separately. You can then see current traffic information for all the trains you have saved. Any deviations, such as delays or track changes, are clearly displayed.

The app is primarily adapted for use in the phone. If you need to have the information read out to you, use one of the phone's built-in aids (for example VoiceOver for iPhone).

The information in the app is updated at the same time as the screens at the station in the event of delays or track changes, for example.

Enter the Swedish Transport Administration's website for frequently asked questions and more detailed information about how the app works.

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