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Summer traffic schedule from June 15

From Saturday, June 15, Mälartåg will operate on a summer schedule. Different routes will be affected to varying degrees, so it is important to keep an eye on the timetable.

Every year, we make changes to the train schedule during the summer when fewer people travel due to vacations and school holidays. This year, we will switch to the summer timetable from June 15 to August 11.

In 2024, some train departures on certain sections of the network have been planned to be replaced by direct buses. Some of these supplementary direct buses will run on weekdays during the summer schedule, while others will take a summer break.

You can find all departure times for the summer schedule, both for trains and the supplementary direct buses, when you search for your trip in the Mälartåg app and on mälartå

In the Mälartåg app, you can also see real-time traffic information when you search for your trip and on the ticket you purchase in the app. Read more about the traffic information in the Mälartåg app here.

We wish you a pleasant journey this summer!

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Improved traffic information in the Mälartåg app

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